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    So, I'm doing research for an upcoming layout redesign, and I'm trying to improve the realism of operations. I'm looking for train numbers assigned to trains that move cars between yards in the late 70's. They're above local grade, but not a hot shot through freight either. Here's what I have so far:

    KC-Springfield was handled by trains 61/62. For example, 61 would originate at Rosedale in KC, drop off cars at Ft. Scott for the locals to spot on the Ash Grove/Afton Subs, pick up anything bound for Springfield, then terminate at Springfield to be resorted.
    Springfield-Memphis I think was trains 234/235
    Springfield-St. Louis I think was trains 35/36
    Ft. Scott to Tulsa I'm not sure which pair of trains handled this traffic. I can kind of remember reading a story somewhere here on the site about 130/139 handling this type of traffic, but its real fuzzy.

    The biggest question I have at this point is Tulsa-Springfield. All of the train numbers listed in the 1979 time table are through trains as far as I can tell. Did one of them have assignment to stop to pick up/set out traffic along the way?

    As always, if I'm way off on what I think is right, let me know.
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    You have it all correct.
    St Louis - Springfield shorts (local setouts) were handled by 35/36.
    KC-Springfield KC Sub and Ash Grove Sub shorts were handled by 61/62.
    Memphis-Springfield the Memphis Sub shorts were moved on 234/235.
    KC-Tulsa: Train 39 carried blocks for Columbus and Baxter Springs. Train 130 carried Afton Sub shorts. Train 139 carried Afton Sub shorts and Cherokee Sub shorts.
    Springfield-Tulsa: The Springfield-Wichita train 337 carried an Aurora setout for the locals with cars for Republic-Verona and Mt Vernon. Train 330 eastbound picked up.
    There were a pair of long locals between Monett and Cherokee Yard, two roadswitchers out of Aurora, and a Springfield-Aurora-Mt Vernon roadswitcher.
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    Thank you for the clarification Ted

    Thank you for posting that link Karl. I was looking for that post last night and couldn't find it.
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    A more specific question I have:

    Let's say that there is a covered hopper full of fertilizer in Cherokee Yard (Tulsa) that needs to be delivered to the MFA fertilizer plant in Iantha. Because of the direction of the switch to the plant, it needs to be moved to Springfield before being carried north by the 5810 (AG sub local). What train would pick up this hopper at Tulsa and drop it at Springfield?
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    Based upon reading the 1980 blocking book, train 30 left Cherokee Yard with a Springfield set out block.
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    Thanks again Ted

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