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  1. This past weekend I went on a railfan trip throughout southwest Missouri lookng for Frisco, KCS, & M&NA stuff. Well, I saw this caboose on Hwy 60 just east of Neosho, MO. It is sitting in someones front yard. I'm honestly not sure if this is a Frisco caboose, but I would like to know the history. This is the best picture I could take, without tresspassing.

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    Looks like it has a hint of Frisco, but it's obviously been so modified... You should have stopped and asked if you could look at it. What is the worst that could have happened? Double buckshot?? LOL...
  3. Manny, I did think about asking them, but no one seemed to actually be there. No lights in the house and no cars or trucks out front. I had a job making maps for the census a while back, so I know all about getting greeted by shot guns.
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    Murphy....only if there was a pall of sour mash vapor hanging around.

    R Bob

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