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    The same neighbor has gifted me with yet more HO scale stuff. There are actually a couple of usable items in the box. After some online research last night, it turns out that the 30' flat car with the stake sides all the way around is a Roundhouse Oldtimer's 30' flatcar. It looks more like some sort of gondola to me, but that's what it's called.

    It's got Kadee couplers and metal wheels (now it has metal wheels). Tom Holley and I discussed it last night and he said it might make a unique plow. My assumption was a plow with a low blade either underneath or on one end. But every photo I've found has a large wedge blade on one end.

    Any ideas where an HO blade like this can be found? It may be beyond my abilities to scratch build it. I looked all over ebay last night. All that's there are blades that are part of a plow model. Doesn't make much sense to buy a plow model just to take the blade off and make another plow model.

    How would the wedge attach to the car? None of the photos show the attachment mechanism.

    The attached photo of the plow in Enid is a photo I found on this forum last night. Since it's on the forum already, I assume that it's ok to repost it.

    IMG_6324.JPG IMG_6325.JPG 1084.jpg CB&Q 205065 -1A Wedge Plow Flat Car at.jpg CB&Q 205065 -2A Wedge Plow Flat Car.jpg
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