Muley Type Cabooses

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    The Muley Type Caboose from the diagram book at:


    Included data:

    It would appear that there was a wide range of car numbers (224-939, non-consecutive).

    Would anyone have?
    • A picture of one that they would care to share of this type?
    • A list of numbers rather than the range?
    • Original build dates?
    • Models built? Apparently a "Frisco1522" named "Don" posted one on Trainboard...hint, hint! ;)


    -Bob T.
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    Brad Slone (MMR) has modeled this caboose type. Doug
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    Image from All Aboard - Volume 3, Number 12 May, 1989

    SLSF-Muley-Caboose-All Aboard-Volume_3_No12-May-1989.png
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