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  1. rjthomas909

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    Frisco Friends,

    I am looking to scratch build a MOW shed like this one that appears on the Frisco Archive (Ken McElreath photo). Would anyone have a drawing for these, something like a standard plan? Otherwise, anyone know that was on the other two sides? Thanks..


    -Bob T.
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  2. kenmc

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    That's my photo from Wittenburg, Missouri, taken about 1968. As I recall, the other end had a window to match this end (for ventilation and light), and the back side was blank, with no doors or windows.

    Ken McElreath
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  3. rjthomas909

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    Thanks a million Ken. I will put that information to good use.

    -Bob T.
  4. Karl

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    I have the Northern Div B&B record; which tool house do you want?
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  5. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    I am modeling Afton Sub (Cherokee KS). Something representative of close to there would be great. Thanks Karl. Not striving too hard for prototypical accuracy.
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  6. Jim James

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    I bet there’s one or two copperheads in there!
  7. Karl

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    I have posted the Cherokee B&B documents at

    In the past, I have used these documents to draft more detailed drawings. For example:

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  8. rjthomas909

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    Thanks a million, Karl. I will study these tonight after work!

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