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    After the Frisco completed the cutoff from Brownington, Mo. to Deepwater, Mo., the Frisco moved the Brownington depot to
    Deepwater, a distance of 2.7 miles. After the Depots move, a
    smaller depot was placed at the north edge of Brownington.

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    Thanks Don.
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    This is very impressive. I have a small picture of the Brownington depot (smaller building) from 1951 that I bought from the Frisco
    RR museum years ago. I watched the Highline getting removed when Truman Lake was completed as I traveled with my parents to Ava and back.
  4. Don,

    Great photos, especially the one with the Brownington depot on the move.

    If they moved it to Deepwater, what did they do with it there? So far as I know, the old KCC&S depot was the one still in use in DW up until the time of abandonment.

    Bradley A. Scott
  5. Karl

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    Exactly, Brad. I have been poking about trying to find an answer to that.

    The image shown in this 1958 picture is clearly the KCCS structure.
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  6. Donald Kaiser

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    According to Mike Good's "Timeline of Rai;roads in Henry County",
    in 1926, the trains were rerouted over the new cutoff to Deepwater, so they might have moved the depot sometime in that time frame.

    Don Kaiser
    Clinton, Mo.
  7. Karl

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    I believe that the question that Brad and I have about this movement is not the when per se, but the where. Do you know where the depot was ultimately placed in Deepwater? I have always thought that the KCCS depot served DW until that agency was closed.

    The photo also gives us glimpse of a 3-color paint scheme. The depot was 56'-4" and 20'-2". The waiting room was on the South (RR) end as it sat in Brownington.

    It's a great pic; thanks for posting.
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  8. Karl

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    When I saw this picture, I was curious about the depot’s ultimate disposition. Some noted that the depot was being moved to Deepwater, but the Memphis Road depot remained. The depot could not have gone far, because of the limits imposed by through riveted steel trusses at MP D95.0 (Grand River) and at MP D111.1 (Gallnipper Creek). As is often the case, I came across the answer while looking for the answer to a different question.

    During that latter part of 1925, the Frisco began work to complete the Brownington Cut-Off between Brownington and Deepwater. The cut-off extended on an extant mine spur to connect with the Highline at a point, which was just north of Brownington. The connection with the Leaky Roof was south of Deepwater.

    On Monday, January 25, 1926, B&B crews arrived in Browington to lift the depot onto flat cars for the short move to the new Brownington Cut-Off “junction”. On Wednesday, the 27th, the move was made. Plans were made to move the Deepwater depot to the connection south of town. Those plans never materialized. The connection south of Deepwater was named Dejun (Deepwater Junction). Sunday, February 7th the new time card went into effect, and all trains were routed via the new cut-off, and thence down the Leaky Roof to Lowry City Junction.

    During 1934-1935, many of the Clinton Sub agencies were closed, the depots razed, and replaced with car-body depots. Such was the case at Brownington.
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