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    As a motorcar enthusists, collector, I would like to know if there is anyway to get a list (engine serial numbers) of work motorcars purchased by the Frisco. I have one M9, ocassionally see some lettered Frisco on some runs, ocassionally for sale, but not sure they are actual Frisco cars. I know they are out there somewhere but no way to determine if they are real unless getting the engine number and then having the archives to look it up, gets costly after a while just to check. thanks, larry crowe
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    Those records, were kept at the Roadway Equipment Shop in Springfield, Mo. I would doubt anyone got hold of them. Frisco went almost all hi-rail pretty early, very few was still in use in the mid 70's, especially the M-9.
    There was still a couple of A-5's on the steel gang's into the 80's.
    I had one NARCOA ready and was a member. I took the Ft. Leonard ride. I sponsored the Ft Smith ride, when I worked for KCS. Finally sold mine, it had a Frisco 3M sticker I nabed at the equipment shop, mine originated off the GN.
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    The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc. in Springfield, MO has three (3) Fairmont Ry Motors Track Motor Car engines. one is on a model M9G and is in fair running condition, One (1) with an model unknown but tag indicates if was Frisco Car RC22 and one spare engine.
    Serial Numbers of the engines are 83456 on Frisco RC 22, 94776 & 95798 built on 12/10/1953.

    This is the spare engine, after being cleaned up and painted by Railroad Historical Museum Volunteer - Retired Union Pacific Railroad Machinist Herb Peterson. We've had it running since it was donated by Bob Daniel, but at the moment it's in storage.

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    Birthing papers indicate the following:
    1) Engine No. 83456 was shipped to SL-SF 11-19-48 and was on a model M14-H- & Car # 190836 Shipped to Springfield, MO
    Interesting that the cylinder shows no wear at top of piston travel and no noticeable taper in bore! Rod bearing wear within tolerance
    2) Engine No. 94776 was shipped to SL-SF and was on model M19-F-3-12 & was on Car No. 208541 Shipped to Springfield MO
    This is the engine donated by itself and no car received with it.
    3) Engine No. 108135 was shipped to SL-SF 11-21-1969 and was on model M9-G-2-7 & car # 233033 Shipped to Kansas City, Kansas

    These units are located in The Raiload Historical Museum, Inc. in Springfield MO
    Note discreprancy in SN 108135 (read directly from engine) vs 95798 previously reported. Follow-up is planned to verify SNs
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