Moss C24.8 Bonita C25.4 Old Cross-Over "D"

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    The between-the-mains passing track at Moss remained, but two of the turnouts had been retired, and the storage track was now, in effect, just a long cross-over.

    A small grain elevator and a small general store comprised the "bustling" community of Bonita.

    Old Cross-Over "D" was the end/beginning of double track.

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    I can vouch for "bustling" Bonita. I had the good fortune to be stuck in a traffic jam there this afternoon at the grade crossing on 175th as a southbound coal haul passed through.

    Never mind that the traffic was fellow soccer parents trying to get from the Heritage Park Soccer Fields to a quick lunch in Olathe between games. My daughter's teammate seemed very puzzled by my enthusiasm, and my sometimes-engaged-in-model-railroading daughter displayed a quiet, respectful indifference to the whole matter.

    The elevator and team track are long gone, but I must find a way to model the "Russell Feed" store that remains and find a place for it in our HO-Scale Olathe.

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