MoPac Freight Car Diagram Book - SOLD

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    Been doing some housecleaning getting ready for an upgrade project in our condo. Some of you might be interested in this item I "recovered" from a box in my office file cabinet.
    This is a Missouri Pacific Historical Society publication of MP's freight equipment diagram book, for the years 1900 through 1951. It also contains a copy of the January, 1954 MP system pages from the railway equipment register. Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", spiral bound, no numbered pages but about an inch thick. Very good condition, no marks, scribbles, tears, etc, except my initials are on the cover. See attached pic. The diagrams are in the same format we are used to seeing in similar books of Frisco's freight cars.
    IMG_2372 copy mopac.jpg
    I remember I paid $15 for it, will sell it for that price plus USPS media mail shipping, or whatever shipping type you prefer.
    As usual, payment by PayPal, "friends & family", preferred. Reply to meteor910 on if interested, or if you have questions.
    Thanks. I might have some other items coming along as well.
    Ken. SOLD 12/6/18

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    Sent you a post on your profile page.

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    Gregg -
    MP freight equipment book still available. It is yours. Will advise specifics shortly via e-mail as you requested. Thanks for your purchase.
    Surprised there was not more interest in this item.

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