Monett, MO old depots and locomotives

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    Interested Frisco Friends, I just wanted to let you know that my book on Monett came out this week. The first chapter is entitled "Starting with the Frisco," and has photos with detailed captions that describe the station, some engines, the roundhouse, and more. The Frisco is referred to in other chapters, since it permeated the town's life for more than 60 years. People on this website were especially supportive. You can order copies from You can also call 888-313-2665. In addition, I believe a couple of local stores will carry copies, as will the Monett Times. I'll be in Monett for the Fall Fest on 9/16 and will have a booth to sell copies -- and autograph them if you so desire. The book was a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun, too. The direct link for the book is I never know if those will work, so if not, go to the main address (above) and click on books. You'll see a map that lets you click on SW Missouri and will list books in that area. Again, thanks. I welcome your comments.Elaine L. Orr

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