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    It's amazing how quickly one's paradigm can shift with one's modeling focus. Whereas I've been obsessed Pacifics and 1500-class Mountains, now that I'm focused on modeling the Caruthersville Branch, I'm suddenly enamored with Moguls and low-series Consolidations! :)

    Thank goodness for Doug Hughes' FMIG Newsletter #21 (1979) on the site in digital fashion. I've pondered over Mogul #388 w/StLM&SE caboose on p. 8 of "Frisco Power." It always puzzled me that 388 was not on the roster in the aforementioned book.

    I'm very grateful for the footnotes on Doug's roster indicating scrap dates; to that end, 388's early and untimely demise is interesting. Anyone have a story to go with this mystery?

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