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    Hello Everyone;

    I would like to build a model of one of the 2-10-0's in F scale (1.20.3)
    I'm sorta thinking of doing the oil burnner verson if anyone has measurements builders prints ect. ect.
    Or if someone knows where I can buy a book covering them that would be a big help.
    I'm into live steam and since I have no place for a ride on railroad why not make one for the flower bed!!
    Infact I found this group by accident while looking for information of them.


    Rob Wright
  2. w3hodoug

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    Rob, the drawing is on page 13 of FMIG Newletter 5 and the major dimensions are included in the excel spread sheet steam roster.

    All sorts of stuff is downloadable from - just search for it.

  3. pensive

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    A drawing of a "Russian" decapod appears in Model Railroader Cyclopedia: Vol. 1, Steam Locomotives by Linn Wescott and published by Kalmbach. You may be able to find a copy on ebay, amazon or some other internet auction site. -Rich
  4. smokebox

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    Hello Again;

    Does anyone know if the frame for a 2-10-0 and a 2-10-2 are any different other than just the part for the trailing truck?
    I have struck out on hunting down the 2-10-0 plans and the ride on scale folks only have 2-10-2 plans.
    I'm really looking fore ward to building a live steam Russian and there will be a few axtra for sale if anyone is intrested, once again these will run on F scale standard gauge.
    If this project goes through, that is ," I really want one though"!

    And there will be a move to Ft. Knox, KY sometime before I start on them!
    Rob Wright
  5. Sirfoldalot

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    I have two views of the plans in a photoshop program which are 3 and 4 MB. I will send them to you directly via private e-mail address - not through Friscoorg. (or to anyone else who wants them)
    The following ipg's are made from expanding parts of the photoshop file.

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