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    I am going to start some sort of document (tables/spreadsheet) that summarizes current sources for decals. If you have any recommendations, please post them here and I will add to a running tabulation.

    Web Site / Contact Info
    Types of Car(s)/Locomotives


    -Bob T.
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    As of this post, Westerfield Models has the following HO kits (decal sets available for each):

    St. Louis-San Fransisco (SL-SF, FRISCO):
    KIT 3810, USRA DS Box Car, 1918-1970
    KIT 3860, USRA DS Box Car, Modern, 1918-1970
    KIT 10604, Inside Stake 36' Coal Gondola, 1901-1952
    KIT 11201, 40' SS Sawtooth Box Car, Orig, 1912-1955
    KIT 11251, 40' SS Sawtooth Box Car, Mod, 1912-1955
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    Herald King:

    B-460 BOXCAR: Boxcar Red or Blue 40’/50′ (5-73)Blk & Wht Decal x
    B-461 BOXCAR: Yel 50′ (1-68) Blk Decal pageB6
    B-462 BOXCAR: Lt Grey 50′ (8-70) Blk & Wht Decal
    B-463 BOXCAR: Orange 40′ (11-73) Blk & Wht Decal
    B-464 HI-CUBE BOXCAR: Yel 86′ (3-70) Blk Decal
    B-465 BOXCAR: Beige 50′ (2-73) Blk & Wht Decal
    B-466 BOXCAR: Boxcar Red (9-74) Blk & Wht Decal pageB25
    B-467 BOXCAR: Boxcar Red (6-78) Wht Decal pageB25
    C-460 CABOOSE: Wide Vision Red (1973) Blk & Wht Decal x
    C-461 CABOOSE: Red & Wht (1974) Blk & Wht Decal pageC8
    G-460 GONDOLA: Boxcar Red (1973) Wht Decal pageG2
    H-460 OPEN HOPPER: Boxcar Red (9-73) Wht Decal pageH4
    H-461 COV’D HOPPER: Lt Grey (10-72) Blk Decal pageH4
    H-462 OPEN HOPPER: Blk (10-76) Wht Decal x
    H-463 COV’D HOPPER: Grey “PS” (1974) Red & Blk Decal pageH21
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    Bob, Thank you for starting this thread!!!

    Mask Island Decals has GP7 sets for HO and N scale.

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    I work with a couple of excellent custom builders/painters for my 3D models and they use Circus Decals.

    Circus City Decals (contact Matt - custom decal service also available)
    Scales: N / HO / S / O / G
    Types of Car(s)/Locomotives: Texas Special passenger cars and E7s

  13. I need to try those ShellScale decals. I hate doing number boards.

    I’ve use lots of Mask Island. I’ve used some Circus City also. They are nice. For modern modelers they sell preweathered Railbox sets I like.
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    Frisco Friends

    Bill Brillinger ( has a custom set of "Frisco System" C&EI decals for 36-ft boxcars.

    I don't think they are in the catalog, and you can email to request them. I ordered a full sheet and will share images (and a few sets) when they come in.

    Edit: I have also asked about a version with the S.T.L.&S.F. lettering.

    -Bob T.
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    I don't think there has been an actual Frisco SL passenger set since Walthers. Oddball had a quasi-set, with the red road name, but the car names were not correct for the SL cars.

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