Microscale discontinuing some SLSF

Discussion in 'General' started by gjslsffan, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. gjslsffan

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    Was on the phone with Microscale ordering some stuff that Walthers refuses to keep in stock and Tom at Odballs doesn't make, (yet). And was told that many SLSF decals are not going to be ran again and that when the stock is sold thats it. The 87-115 is not on the list to be discontinued. 87-137 is one on the list to be discontinued.
  2. meteor910

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    Hope they keep the 87-85 set going - my all-time favorite decal set. They recently made some changes to it - I think they added more 5's to the numbers, for example. They have also upgraded the E-unit set, which is good, as the original release was not good.

  3. Frisco2008

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    When I looked yesterday, they had about 200 sets of 87-85 in stock, nearly the same for the O/w equipment, and less than 50 of the 'REDBIRD' decals.

    Glenn in Tulsa

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