Micro Trains Caboose

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by pbender, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. pbender

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  2. pensive

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    The model appears to be based on a Texas & Pacific prototype.

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  3. pbender

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    This is what I understand as well.

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  4. Daniel Dawson

    Daniel Dawson Member

    Sometimes they really botch stuff up. Are there any existing models that could be painted up to match any prototypes? I think the wide vision cabooses are accurate, but other than that?
  5. pbender

    pbender Member Frisco.org Supporter

    The coopola windows are wrong on the Atlas wide vision cabooses. These are at least International Car Co cabooses, so the basic body is right.

    Supposedly the Con-cor wide vision cabooses are based on the Frisco 1400 and 1700 series cabooses that were rebuilt from boxcars, though They have some flaws.

    As far as being closest, I think the best we can do is the 1100 series cabooses that were purchased from the Santa Fe in the early 1970s. The Atlas offset coopola caboose ( http://www.spookshow.net/freight/atlasstandard8.html ) is the right basic body, though you do need to plate over some windows in the car body to make them accurate for Frisco service.

    Every other caboose I have ever seen in Frisco paint is based on a non-Frisco prototype.
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  6. pbender

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    There are photos of both sides of former ATSF caboose #1142 on the Frisco Archive that give you an idea of the work required to convert the Atlas model to a Frisco caboose.


    Some of the cabooses retained all 3 windows on the side that originally had 3 windows.
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  7. Daniel Dawson

    Daniel Dawson Member

    Doh! Well that figures. I guess it's too expensive to get every detail right. I guess I need to start looking for some 1100 series cabeese as another project. Looks like I can take my pick of red or brown.

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