Memphis Terminal Industry Schematics April 24, 1970

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    Thanks to the wife of my Edward Jones rep, Bridgette (Riley) Mitchell, we have the Memphis Terminal Industry Schematics April 24, 1970 from her grandfather's (William (Bill) Henry Riley) collection.

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    Keith -
    Thanks a bunch for posting the 1970 Memphis Schematics sheets. Back in the 1970-1971 days, I was a field sales rep for Monsanto serving the soap and detergents business, as well as the food ingredient business - we were market leaders in both. Memphis was my second biggest sales market after St Louis. I usually ran down to Memphis about every three-four weeks. The 1970 schematics list all my customers who were served by the Frisco, which was quite a few. I have enjoyed seeing the names of them again - we had a good market in Memphis. I had the chance to do some train watching down there as well in between sales calls, but I didn't have time to take any photos!
    Those were good days - my blue Ford company car and I ran all over the segments of MO, IL, KY, TN, AR, and IA that made up my territory.

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