Memphis and Pensacola sleeper-buffet-coaches

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    Does someone have a diagram of these cars in their pre-1949 rebuilding, showing the coach section?

    These cars operated intermittently in Pullman line 3441, Memphis-Pensacola. From the Pullman financial side, this was an on-again, off-again route from 1928-1949, when the sleeper operation was taken over and operated as a Frisco car until discontinuance in 1952. In actuality, the "off" periods shown by Pullman (i.e.-January 1934-November 1937) were apparently covered by Frisco operated cars. Did the Frisco museum ever cover this operation in one of their publications?

    Bill Pollard
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    All I have is the 1949 diagram of the cars. I don’t remember the Museum doing anything about the Frisco’s Pensacola passenger and “sleeper” service. Midwest Florida Sunliners by Key, and Vol 2 of the Midwest to Florida By Rail, 1875 - 1979 by Blardone and Bilas discuss the topic.
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    Here is an example of a Frisco form ticket which was used in later years before the Frisco operated Memphis-Penscola sleeper was discontinued in 1952. (Image from book "From Midwest to Florida by Rail" Vol. 2)

    Bill Pollard

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