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Discussion in 'General' started by Rancho Bob, Jul 10, 2011.

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    This might have been covered already...didn't come up on a search, but has anyone made a list of HO models that match the Frisco equipment photos in Nick's Color book?


  2. nickmolo

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    It depends on what you call matching. If it's exactly to the prototype (and I mean down to details and correct artwork for lettering) then it's a very very short list.

    Nick Molo
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    Ah, shucks. I was afraid of that, but after being out of HO for many years...with all the new cars and such released, I thought maybe there would be some sunshine. How about "close enough for Government work". I know over at the ACL&SAL HS we made a list in this vein, but I've never seen one for the FRISCO.

    Thanks, Nick.

  4. nickmolo

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    Basically, Tangent Scale Models and Kadee are the only ones that really carry any Frisco equipment that is as close to correct as you can get out of the box.

  5. meteor910

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    And even Kadee made an exception (hopper door locks) on their recent Frisco 2-bay hopper. It's pretty hard to be 100% correct with a HO model.

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  6. Joseph Toth

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    First, Howdy Buck!

    I lived in Tampa 1959-64 (with some time off in Dallas in 61). I am also a big ACL/SAL fan! One question regarding the SAL insulated SAL boxcar that the Society ran in HO in 2#s. Were these correct w/o the roofwalks? Seems the SCL had already been created out of the merger when the maindate was issued to remove the catwalks thus the SALs seem a bit out of pocket. Please correct me as I do not want to eat crow again!

    Regarding correct prototypical down to the last rivet on model equipment. Like Ken mentions, even Kadee´s close to fine scale models will come up short trying to produce equipment that is 100%. The cost of designing and then producing models that follow a specific railroad will never be cost effective in any scale. Even Proto 48 which I dearly love has its shortcomings, e.i. how heavy would a properly weighted freight car weigh in relationship to the prototype? OK, a little "overkill" but the fantastic models that Chooch Enterprises Ultra Scale and Sunshine Models build up to are probably the closest models that follow specific railroad blueprints. Ken and Andre and others, please correct me if I am off track...I do not want to eat crow again!

    S-Helper Service´s Showcase Line S scale RTR 40 foot "rebuilt" steel boxcars is perhaps a close version to a Frisco rebuilt wood boxcar? They mention on their website that the Frisco rebuilt hundreds of these cars with new sides. Perhaps Andre can confirm just how close to the Frisco these models are in relation to their claim? Their choice to use grabirons instead of ladders on the sides of the cars remains a mystery to me. It would cost very little to offer the cars in both styles to match specific railroad prototypes much like MicroTrains only offers their GP35 with dynamic brake blisters which is incorrect for their Jenks Blue Mopac Screamin´ Eagles in Z scale! Their black and yellow Frisco GP35 in Z scale didn´t have the roof mounted air tanks either.

    We are in the 21st Century and still manufacturers appear to be disinterested in these small details that can be applied with little addition in cost to the consumer and I am sure all of us would pay the small additional charge up front to have these features come right out of the box!

    I guess most of us will have to continue to be satisfied with close to prototype generic equipment and select equipment that is 90% close to a given railcar. The Union Pacific 40 ft. stock car comes to mind. The basic stock car that Athearn started to produce in HO scale in the mid-50s in plastic, the Showcase Line car in S scale, the Atlas car in O scale and probably the Aristo car in Large Scale (1:29) all come close to the UP "cattle" cars.

    In recent years we are seeing more proto cars in HO such as PFE and SFRD reefers, ATSF stock cars from Intermountain and SP stock cars from Red Caboose. The trend to design and produce proto specific cars for the larger roads will continue to help build a realistic freight train operated with Frisco power and cabooses in HO even if you must consider purchasing some of the Hallmark brass models or other manufacturers brass imports proto specific to the Frisco to power the train and bring up the markers!

    A coal drag made up of a string of the old metal HO scale Ulrich hopper cars with the large billboard style coonskin herald would still satisfy me to create the spirit of the Frisco even if they aren´t Frisco prototypes. I just happen to prefer the "heavy metals" over plastic. Model railroading is still a great hobby and even with a few shortcomings in some areas is still rewarding and provides hours of pleasure to all of us I think.

    And remember to get busy and follow Andre and order those Oddball decals so you can produce models as close to Frisco prototypes as possible!!!!!!

    Joe Toth
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