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    I recall seeing a map of the Tulsa interlocker at Urban somewhere. Was it here? Does anyone know where something like that might be hiding?
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    I posted this on the Tulsa yahoo group. Does it sound correct?

    Ok this is what I have pieced together from all the information. And thanks to
    everyone who replied. I would be in the dark about ATSF op's in Tulsa if not forthe wealth of information provided by everyone.

    Train 211 "The Tulsan" was scheduled to leave Kansas City at 5:00 p.m. daily for
    The scheduled arrival time in Tulsa was 10:00p.m.
    Before the train arrived in Tulsa it would enter the wye just after crossing
    Pines St. It would continue until it hit the tail switch at N Rockford Ave. It
    would the travel the tail whiched paralled Latimer St and probably stopped right
    before N Utica before beginning the reverse move into the depot.
    The reverse moved crossed N Peoria and then began to swing south until crossing
    the other tail switch right before N Lansing. The train continued its reverse
    move onto the mainline and headed to the depot.
    It then traveled through the ATSF yard and at the South end of the yard crossed
    E Archer before turning West and crossing the SLSF tracks. It then moved across
    Greenwood then 1st St. and into the South side of the ATSF depot on S Elgin St.

    The train was scheduled to leave Tulsa the next day at 7:15 a.m.
    So the the power would be cut off and taken back to the engine service facility
    which was located at the south end of the ATSF yard (probably behind the paper
    recycling industry that use to be there)
    The power would be fueled, watered and then return to the depot sometime in the
    middle of the night or early morning for the departure to Kansas City.
    Now here is where more questions arise. Train #47 was scheduled to arrive in
    Tulsa at 7:00 a.m. daily and train #212 scheduled to depart at 7:15 a.m. So did
    the possibily exist everyday to see both Tulsan's at the depot at the same time?
    The power for #212 would have to be in place before #47 arrived?
    The power for #47 would be in the yard until the afternoon and then moved back
    to the train? Anyone recall any times?

    Once again thanks for all the help. This is fasinating information as I never
    knew this took place in Tulsa.
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    I'm not sure if the interlocker at downtown Tulsa was always called Urban but it is now. I was told it was named after the downtown Tulsa Urban Renewal project. Back in the day the Frisco interlocked with Santa Fe, Missouri Pacific, The Katy and The Midland Valley next to the freight house downtown east of the passenger depot. The interlocking tower had armstrong levers for throwing switches and clearing semaphore signals. BNSF still interlocks with UP here and SKOL. It is also end of CTC for the Cherokee sub and begins restricted limits for Cherokee Yard. |-| Steve.
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    Thanks for the info. So there was a tower. Good to know. I would still like to see a map or plan if anyone has one. I'm thinking of modeling this interlocker and need something better than a street map
  5. slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018)

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    Try this link:

    and go to issue :

    017 May/Jun 2003 18-23 Naction: Tulsa Interlocking September 1957 Fisher, Richard Module

    I believe that issue is abalibale.

    If it is the same module that I have seen at train shows it is every will done.

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    The interlocker, A. K. A. 'The Interlocker' is modeled in very close fidelity by the Tulsa-based N. E. O. N. S. (Northeast Oklahohoma N-Scalers). They were the subect of the NScale magazine article. The have also modeled Tulsa Union Depot and the near-by Frisco freight house. and the REA facilities. They are always at the OKC show and may show up at a location near you.

    Glenn in Tulsa

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