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    Thank you Jeff. I was at the library and made a copy of your matrix. My laptop is not connected to the net and my phone won't show this type of document. Hence the library is my only option.

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    This afternoon I added the Atlas hoppers and bulkhead flat cars to the matrix, we now have 428 models listed. Will post the matrix on Monday afternoon, was going to do it today but the library was closed.

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    Here is the matrix with the added cars from Atlas and a correction on the Bluford boxcars.


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    Saw this available today on Midwest Model Railroad (Edit...see it is in latest version):

    Atlas N Scale 4180 Airslide Covered Hopper
    The original design dates back to the early Fifties, when it was offered in single- and double compartment versions. The name lends itself to the “action” created by an air-permeable fabric lining in the bottom of the compartment. Unloading the car involves pumping air under the lining fluidizing the commodity which in turn is drawn out of the compartment by pneumatic or other means. This type of car was primarily used for sugar, flour, and starch (and sometime certain types of plastics).

    The subject of Atlas new models is one of the double compartment cars, the 4180 cubic-foot design. It was introduced in 1962 and through a number of design changes continued in production until 1980 when the taller 4566 cubic-foot design supplanted the 4180. During that time a little of 5,000 were built.

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    Thank you Robert for the post of the new Atlas hoppers. I've added it to the matrix and saved the photo to show it in my album of Frisco Collection. Also I realized that I missed the Bluford transfer cabooses so I've added them to the matrix.

  6. Thanks for the post. The the Rivarossi autorack will catch a lot of eyes.
  7. R J thanks for the post of Airslide Covered Hopper; my favorites are the short version.

    It brings back fond memories of designing pneumatic conveying systems for Monsanto.
    Pumping air at higher pressures and velocities with constant capacity Roots blowers is not cheap. When the products were fine grain powdered lime air velocities could be cut in half.
    The ACF center flow hopper cars worked some better without mounting vibrators on the
    lower parts of the hopper. ACF 's lab gave me that training.

    Oh well, like Sherrel says
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  8. The new Atlas airslide hopper consists of:
    product number 50 004 782 road number 81900
    product number 50 004 783 road number 91903
    product number 50 004 784 road number 81906
    product number 50 004 785 road number 81910
    My records show these cars were numbered 81900-81957. So, what's up with the second car? (no. 91903). Is it a mistake on Atlas's part (and should be 81903) or were there more cars purchased by Frisco then I am aware of?
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    Larry, the car you referred to 91903 is a misprint and should be 81903. I have the four hoppers logged into the matrix. Thank you for your help!!!


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