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    Roger the green car behind the 55 is a 68 SS396 4 speed Camaro, the blue car at the other end of the building is a 68 RS/SS396 automatic Camaro. There is also a copper colored 68 RS 327 4 speed Camaro that you can't see in the pic. I am almost Camaro poor, going to sell one or two of them next year. Ken, I love 55-7 Chevy's you are right those 283 and 327 engines are just great engines with lots of power and nice acceleration. I have a black 57 Chevy Convvertible that is bone stock it has the 283 with dual 4 barrel carbs from the factory. Fun car to drive and it gets a lot of attention, lots of people wave and give a thumbs up ! Fun cars, it takes a lot of time keeping them maintained and ready for cruising, I drive them all regularly to keep everything lubricated and working. Next year I am going to sell about half the collection and just keep the ones I love the most. Fun times.
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    My wife and I went to Paul's cabooses to take some photos of my collection of O/W Atlas locomotives on the steps of 1288. The photos didn't come out as well as I wanted because the caboose steps were in the shade. The locomotives are a good match for the O/W spray paint on 1288, except U25B #812 and #814 didn't match, they are definitely Red/White, all of the others matched well.

    B30-7, #864 and #866

    GP38-2, #636 and #638

    U25B, #812 and #814

    GP15-1, #114

    U30B XR, #846

    Overall collection

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    Thanks Joe and Paul.
    Well that is just a great comparison for me. I think Paul has nailed the color, spot on. If I was a brakeman on that job, I would lay-off after a rain, so as to not get those steps muddy. I worked with and "old head conductor" on a road switcher that always had a pot of beans cooking, and grill cheese sandwiches from pans, off the caboose stove. He would run a hoghead off the caboose too.
    It was the caboose that was ran into with light power and bent so bad you couldn't open the doors anymore, you couldn't tell by looking at it from the road but man soon as you stepped on, you knew it was bent. I sure that was a Frisco caboose, they laid it sideways on a truck and hauled it off. Think it is still around GJ but Paul prolly knows more than I do about that caboose.
    Was just was by Parachute a similar caboose is still living and in service, although all the crews think it is in the way. Some nitwit threw a rock and cracked a window now.
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    image.jpg That looks great Paul, the ones I seen out of the paint shop looked just like that between Springfield and Monett, I'll look I got several more

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