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    Please do.

    The close up photos can provide quite a wealth of informatoin (especially for those of us who are modelers).

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    SL-SF 99070 crane

    Here are a couple of photos taken of an American crane taken at Valley Park MO in the fall of 1990. It appears to be the same make and model as the one pictured a few posts above. On page 113 of Nicholas John Molo's "Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment" is a picture of SL-SF 99071, also the same make and model. So there are at least 2 possiblilities as to the origin of BN 405320. Photographs by Rich Lawler.

    SL-SF 99070 w:tenders.jpg SL-SF  99070.jpg
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    Re: SL-SF 99070 crane

    Rich, you are correct.

    There was a post by Russell Strodtz on the BNlist at yahoogroups that indicated the following numbers for the ex Frisco American cranes:
    BN 975320 = SLSF 99070
    BN 975321 = SLSF 99071
    BN 975322 = SLSF 99072

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    Re: SL-SF 99070 crane

    Thanks for solving the mystery Paul. There probably not many here who browse the BN boards!

  5. |-| i am planning on building a handcar and i was wondering if anybody has any frisco paintschemes or blueprints for the car|-|
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    :) While I was in Miami, Ok today; I came across this Frisco Crane on a side track.

    It said that is was BN X14305320

    However, according to Karl's post, when you look at the frame you see BN 795320 = SLSF 99070

    I saw some docments hanging on the window in the cab (inspection papers?) . She appears to be in active service.

    It is nice to see the old Frisco coonskin still lives on!

    Frisco Crane (BN  X1405320) Miami, Ok 2009.jpg Frisco Crane (BN  X1405320) Miami, Ok 2009 2.jpg Frisco Crane (BN  X1405320) Miami, Ok 2009 3.jpg
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    I think this is the same crane I saw in Newburg, Missouri a few years back picking up ties and rail and loading in an old SLSF gondola car!
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    All those machines are so cool, thanks to the guys who posted the photos. M of W equipment parked on a siding would really add to a model layout. I have both the Bachmann and Tichy wreckers that I plan to work into my layout settings.

    Tom G.
  9. Blackhat Jake

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    Here's a shot of crane 99021 at Cherokee Yard in Tulsa.

  10. klrwhizkid

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    I got some info on some more cranes from a user in a Yahoo group:
    BN 975320 = SLSF 99070 = Jun-1975
    BN 975321 = SLSF 99071 = Jun-1975
    BN 975322 = SLSF 99072 = Jun-1975
    BN 975504 = SLSF 98004 = Jun-1969

    In that vein, here are some pictures I took in Columbus, KS 3/31/2010 of BN 975504 former SLSF 98004 American Crane. When I took the pictures, I had a feeling that they would pan out.
    Note the Frisco gondola SLSF #109500 that was with it as well. Due to the number of pictures, I decided to leave most of them as thumbnails. Right click on a thumbnail and select Open in New Tab or New Window to get a better view. More on next post.

    IMG_3465.JPG IMG_3466.JPG IMG_3467.JPG IMG_3468.JPG IMG_3469.JPG IMG_3470.JPG IMG_3471.JPG IMG_3472.JPG IMG_3473.JPG IMG_3474.JPG
  11. klrwhizkid

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    Here are the balance.

    IMG_3475.JPG IMG_3476.JPG IMG_3477.JPG IMG_3478.JPG
  12. William Jackson

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    Thanks to everyone who posted these photo's I ran the ditcher many many miles. It was a great job.

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