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  1. Hi Ken and others,
    About New Mad-drid:

    I was looking at the digital
    John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library | UMSL'
    They have a photo labeled as the Frisco Depot in Mad-drid during the (I think) flood of 1929.

    Frisco had connecting tracks into Mad-drid, or jointly used that (which was west to east).

    The two main Frisco tracks north to south were a few mile westward of Mad-drid
    per a map of that time.
    On those mains north to south were a few Frisco Depots (shown in Springfield Library collection).

    If Frisco jointly rented use of the Mad-drid depot, then the Barriger Library is likely correct.
    The photo of the Depot only said Mad-drid.

    The town of Mad-drid may of had owned their depot and the loop around the town?
    Not the Cotton Belt or another railroads into Mad-drid at that time?
    the Frisco had a ghost depot there , not in all current records that I have found?

    What do you think?

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  2. Karl

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    The Frisco did not serve New Madrid; the UMSL captioning is incorrect.
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  4. timothy_cannon

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    That's the Cotton Belt depot. It's still there.
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  5. meteor910

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    And New Madrid, MO is indeed pronounced New "Maadrid".

    The New Madrid earthquake of 1811 delivered a series of shocks ranging from 7.2 to 8.2 magnitude, December 16, 1811, with continued quakes for several weeks. It rerouted the Mississippi River - notice a series of major turns in the river there - right above the Missouri boot heel at New Madrid. Rumor has it that tremors were felt as far away as Boston, where the shaking caused church bells to ring.

    The fault has the potential of bringing forth another significant quake some day.

  6. Karl

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    During the late 60’s , I purchased a representation of Myron Fuller’s 1912, Bulletin 394, The New Madrid Earth Quake, published by the Government Printing Office. I bought from The Ramfre Press in Cape for $5.25. It’s not very technical, but it still covers the event very well.

    Attached is a map from the text which shows lateral extent of the effects of the quakes.

    My colleague at ARCO O&G, Paul Jones, for his master’s thesis, wrote this piece. Due the the unconsolidated sediments in the area, the faults are difficult to pick. By means of high-res reflection seismic work, Paul was able to delineate the the numerous faults that cross the area. As can be noted on the seismic lines, the strike-slip faults have very little throw.

    Both publications are worth a look for Swampeast Missouri fans.

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  7. fredman23

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    Didn’t the New Madrid quake create Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee? I remember reading that the Mississippi ran northwards for hours to fill the subsidence.
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  8. yardmaster

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    Karl, fascinating read. Thanks very much for sharing that. I was thinking that Nuttli’s work in 1973 was the first real attempt to map out the faults in the region?

    Good general historical description with a little high level geology from 1981 if one can find it (University of Missouri Press). I got my copy when our board chair retired as an active employee. Note the bookmark he had used, which I have kept in its place.

    AD2AD6F9-0D63-4441-A754-F8BE16530B22.jpeg 38AD9DC4-D6A4-49AF-BE78-448FE6232285.jpeg
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    As an old CS Major, from the 70's and 80's, I would recognize a Hollerith card anywhere!
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