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    I was talking to my great Aunt back in July and turns out My Uncle and Great Uncle both worked for the FRISCO, but she couldnt recall where my Uncle worked, but my great Uncle was a fireman on the Meteor for awhile.

    If anyone has any information on a James Ware or a Ray D. Turner, I would like to hear about them.

    My Great Uncle James I know from what my Aunt told me worked for the Frisco out of Oklahoma City, then worked for the Missouri Pacific out of Coffeyville Kansas.

    After my Uncle James retired from the railroad (year unknown to me will have to ask my Aunt) he managed the Townsman Motel out by the old Fairgrounds in Coffeyville when he was shot and killed by robbers back in the early 80's

    My Uncle Ray worked the extra board as a brakeman for the FRISCO but has never told me when or where. I would like to see if there is any information out there on either of my relatives!!!

    This just makes me love this railroad even more since I come from a railroad family.

    My Great Grandfather Boyd Whitcher Sr. worked as a Steam Engineer up to and thru World War I and then after until he retired to farming in Princeton Kansas. My Grandfather Boyd J Whitcher was a ticket Clerk at the Ottawa Depot for the Santa Fe Until the Depot Closed its doors ( I have the clock that hung on the wall in the main passenger waiting area)

    My Great Uncle Carl Reekie worked as a section Gang Supervisor for the Santa Fe from Ottawa to Garnett Kansas

    And my Uncle Merle I Whitcher worked for the Santa Fe then the BNSF for 49 years as a first an operator in the Argentine yards in Kansas city then the Clovis NM division until he retired just a few years ago.

    This leads me to my other 2 uncles that worked for the FRISCO. I dont know much about their careers and my Aunt is in her late 70s and dont remember much about their employment anymore. I know my Uncle Ray worked until the BN took over then he was out of a job in 1980.

    Any help here would be appreciated.

    The only other thing my Aunt recalled was that Uncle James fired on the 4500 and 4501 or 4502 for a short period of time.

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    I waqnted to add that my Uncle Merle lied his age at age 16 in order to go to work for the Santa Fe, you could get away with that back in those days!!! Then was drafted during the Vietnam war and did 2 tours in Nam and one in Korea before he got out of the US Marines and resumed his position in the Argentine yards as an operator before he was trained as a dispatcher and sent to Schomburg Illinois. When the 60-40 retirement plan came about he has his 40 years in but because he lied his age, he wasnt quite 60 years old yet!!! So he had to wait!!!! and since he had to wait, he went ahead and stayed a bit longer!!!
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    Go to the Springfield-Greene County Library and look for the "Frisco A Look Back" webpages. And click on "employee cards." (The website seems to be down at this hour: 9-8-12 0230 CDT, otherwise I'd send a link) Quite a few records from the 1940's. Maybe some 30's and 50's??

    Tom G.
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    I found my father. John Forrest Moore. It has him listed as a telegraphed in Amory, Mississippi in 1948. He was born in 1930 but also lied about his age to get in a year early. He had to work an extra year on that 60-40 plan...
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    My mom is from Amory and she remembers John Moore. My dad was an engineer at Frisco.
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