looking for filler putty options

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  1. Interesting review Tom. Thanks I am interested in the stuff you got. But I generally wet sand all my filler.

    I get my spot putty from Advance Auto. The big tube in the pic here I just got at our regional grocery big box store called Meijers. I think I have got it at NAPA here too.
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    Well, I tried to tell 'ye... I did! But NOOOOooooooo... ol' Tom just had to go back fer more punishment! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

    I'm so glad I don't mess with those putty's and stuff. Goodbye shrinkage. Good bye fissures, no more dealing with the coarse textures remaining/etc. (I used to have to use primer paint as the final filler w/sanding/etc back in my putty days! What a pain in the azz.)

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    Perfect timing on this thread. Today I nearly posted a question about fillers and this thread showed up. Thanks to all of you who contributed!!

    Paul Mooe
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    I have used Gundam's Mr. Dissolved Putty on styrene plastic with good results.
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