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Discussion in 'General' started by rjthomas909, Aug 30, 2021.

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    Frisco Friends,

    I am looking for a location to represent in my next diorama build. I am looking for a location in the Ozarks that would have some elevation in the background. Maybe something like a rural station scene.

    Ideas appreciated.


    -Bob T.
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  3. rjthomas909

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  4. Joe Lovett

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    I like the Pettigrew Branch, it follows a stream in a valley with high hills on both sides. Main industries was hardwood products and farming.

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    I live in the region and lived within miles of Huntington for a while. I'm over that way at least yearly or more. I'm very familiar with the area.

    The immediate terrain at Huntington is undulating with shallow hills to the south. Huntington has a "feel" of hilly terrain, but not mountainous. The shallow hills continue somewhat as you go north out of Huntington. To me, Huntington is a pleasing setting, and the railroad's path through there was interesting, but not truly mountainous.

    There are mountains, significant mountains (elevations up to 2660' or so), to the south, but they are about 10 miles away, so would appear as distant mountains on any type of photographic backdrop.

    This linked expandable topo map will give you an idea of what the lay of the land is like in that area:


    Hope this helps.

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    Hey RJ...

    Joe is correct. The St. Paul Branch/Pettigrew Branch (Frisco referred to it as the "St. Paul Branch") does have elevation both sides for much of the route, and in some locations nice sized mountain scenes.

    Some thoughts on the St. Paul Branch...

    St. Paul sits on a curve in a fairly broad little valley and there's mountains both sides. I cannot find photographic evidence that either the towns of St. Paul or Pettigrew having a profusion of tracks, but they both had several timber shippers and several mills served by rail. Below are various views along the St. Paul Branch, which will include St. Paul and Pettigrew:



    St. Paul:

    Overlooking St. Paul from the bluffs...


    Near Pettigrew...


    A composite of Pettigrew showing the historic view, contemporary view, and a virtual view ("Plywood Pacific": No scenery placed yet)...



    At Combs, AR (on the St. Paul Branch) the Frisco had a connection with the "Black Mountain & Eastern/Combs Cass & Eastern". The BM&E (renamed CC&E) was primarily a logging/lumber line (but was actually listed as a common carrier) that had about 18 miles of track that was truly rugged. Combs had a mountain backdrop to the north, steep hills on the south. The BM&E utilized Mill Creek Hollow to the south to reach "Summit", then on down the most rugged portion of their line to Cass, AR. (The segment from Summit down to Cass, AR contained several tall trestles in conjunction with bench running.)

    The only "scene" type pic I have of the Frisco at Combs shows the line looking east at the White River valley (the line runs alongside the White River all the way to Pettigrew, the end of the line)...


    Lastly, the original depot at Combs (replaced in the 1900s by the depot in the above view)...


    Combs might make an interesting diorama?

    OH, and with Huntington, the chief commodity would be coal. With the St. Paul Branch, wood products and fruit/vegetables.

    Hope this gives you some things to ponder.

  8. rjthomas909

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    Thanks all for the input! I will research these a bit more and see what I come up with. One of the reasons that I liked Huntington was that it would have a pair of curved tracks with a spur and the Cherokee Creek nearby, and that might be represented. It looks like St. Cloud might have similar. Keith, I will look into your recommendation as well to see if I can find a track diagram, etc.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to help with this project.

    -Bob T.

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