Locomotives with other road names alongside FRISCO locomotives at St. Louis Station Part 2

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  1. I expressed the appearance of FRISCO E7 and SSW FT side by side in the premises of St. Louis station.I'm sorry, but when the E7 changed to a cat whiskers, it was in 1950, so the SSW FT has the same paint as the SP's Black Widow, so it may not be possible in reality.I also expressed the appearance of B & O's E6 (modified E8 specification) lined up.It's embarrassing, but for me, the KEY model is expensive, so I can't buy the passenger car, freight car, Caboose because I don't have the budget.The diorama and layout are still there.I only buy locomotives from O Scale's Brass model.

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    It's a shame the prototype railroads didn't keep up appearances as well as our Japanese friend. If you look at photos of Frisco passenger trains after about 1964, they appears not to have been near a wash rack in years.

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  4. HI WindsorSpring

    Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful The Big Bend Railroad Club.
    OScale National O Scale Convention is amazing.
    I was impressed to see the wonderful contents.
    I would love to participate if I have the opportunity.

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  5. Hi gstout

    Thank you for your reply.
    The road names that impressed me the most when I first saw pictures of American railroads were FRISCO and MKT.
    I thought the Texas special train E7 was the most beautiful and luxurious locomotive in the world.
    I also love the red cat whiskers of FRISCO's E7 and E8.
    That red is very intense.
    Many Japanese American railroad enthusiasts are enthusiastic about UP ATSF PRR SP, but I was crazy about FRISCO MKT.
    It is true that FRISCO after 1964 has seen pictures that have not been washed with a wash rack.


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