Livestock Shipments and Drover Cars

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    Folks -
    Referencing the link to the Mo. Historical Society photo of #4113 that Bob recently shared:

    Frisco 2-8-2 engines 4003-4144

    First, it's hard to go wrong with that many good hats in a crowd.

    Second, the locomotive-caboose-stock car-stock car arrangement is particularly interesting to me. I'm not aware of seeing any designated drover cars for livestock shipments; my best guess is that a caboose in this location would have been utilized by the drovers accompanying whatever livestock was being shipped?

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    I have never seen any Frisco roster that directly or indirectly referenced any equipment as being a "drovers' car". Rule 805 from the Transportation Department Book of Rules, March 1, 1946, applies.

    805. Unless freight trains are regularly designated to carry passengers, no persons must be permitted to ride thereon, except by proper authority. Persons accompanying livestock or perishable freight for the purpose of taking care of it, when provided with proper transportation, are permitted to ride in caboose on trains in which their cars are handled.

    When passengers are handled on freight trains, they should be warned to remain seated when start or stop is made, or when cars are coupled into a caboose.

    The Special Instructions of the ETT's designate which freight trains carry passengers. Eastern Division ETT, NO 35, 12/13/46
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    Very interesting photo and discussion. Thank you all.
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    LOL! It's always best to keep the crew UP WIND from smelly livestock.......
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    "Get along little doggie"

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