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    Hi all, I received an Email from hobbiesusa today. In it contained the information on new releases for September for Walthers. Here's were the important part comes in, read this so you wont be confused.

    Walthers has renamed their product lines. here is how I understand it:

    Proto 1000 and Proto 2000 (originally from lifelike) locomotives, platnum line freight cars and passenger cars will now be in a series known as Walthers Proto.

    Walthers is also introducing a completely new series: Walthers mainline. I think this will be replacing Gold line and trainline, but I am not 100% sure.

    I think this will be like what Atlas did with there trainman series. The Proto series will be top-of-the-line models, highly detailed, etc. While the mainline series will have less detail and less price. But I may be wrong, correct me if am.

    I don't know if they are getting rid of trainline or keeping it. I never like the stuff in their trainline category. Few years ago bought 6 quad hoppers, and all but one broke beyond repair right out of the box or shortly after.

    Moving on, they are producing another run of numbers for the 52' gondola. It will be in the black paint scheme and will a part of the Walthers Proto series.

    For those who ordered the Frisco through service sleeper car that is lettered for Pennsylvania RR, but has Frisco paint, those should be in next month.

    That is all for now, unless Athearn announces something in their September announcement.


    EDIT: Also there are both road numbers of the Bowser U25B available at Factory Direct Trains on sale for $100 (non sound version)
    Here is the link: in stock
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    Thanks Ethan, good stuff. ~mike

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