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    Lionel manufactured quite a few Frisco items

    Lionel manufactured quite a few Frisco items. Although most aren't very prototypical, they are labeled for the Frisco. Since we want the Frisco Resource Center to be all things Frisco, we started a group for photos and information about Lionel Frisco Equipment. Have fun and enjoy another aspect of Frisco fun.
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    Lionel Frisco Equipment

    Here is a simple list of Lionel Frisco Equipment. Please add corrections and other items.

    LOCO - Steam
    18030 2-8-2
    38043 FRISCO 4-6-0 TEN WHEELER

    LOCO - Diesel
    18504 485 GP-7

    17618 Woodside
    7600, Frisco `Spirit of '76` N5C Caboose, 74-76
    19710 Frisco extended vision caboose

    6-6357 Tank Car
    6-19412 1992 Crane

    6014 Boxcar (white), 1957
    6014-85 ORANGE-TYPE III, EX
    29266 BOX 99
    19230 double door box
    6565 BOXCAR

    6-17415 PS-5 Gondola
    6-19408 Gondola
    19408 Gondola with coil covers, black

    LIO17020 Offset Hopper
    21755 4 Bay Covered Hopper

    16333 Frisco Bulkhead Flat Car with Wood Load
    6-16926 Flat Car with Trailer load
    36089 LIONEL FLATCAR with Frisco Airplane

    21972 GP-7 Freight Train
    3191621972. Frisco Flyer
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    Some recent additions (All of these are "scale," like the steamers, the 17020, and the 17415):

    6-27002 Offset Hopper (Die Cast)
    6-21881 " " " Set of Three (different Road numbers)
    6-27217 PS-2 Boxcar
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    Re: Lionel manufactured quite a few Frisco items

    Lionel produced their GE U36B in Frisco red/white with two numbers in the 70s, 8571 powered, 8572 dummy. In 1977 a yellow Frisco hi-cube boxcar was released with number 9610.

    Lionel Frisco releases in the 2011 catalog. Additions and/or corrections please!

    34630 F3 A-A set (one power, one dummy) b/y (Lead unit# shown in catalog: 5010)
    34633 F3 B (power) b/y
    34634 F3 B (dummy) b/y

    34623 SD70ACe Texas Special Loco# 6340 (power) red/yellow/aluminum, Frisco/Katy heralds
    34624 SD70ACe Texas Special Loco# 6344 (power) red/yellow/aluminum, Frisco/Katy heralds
    (These are Lionel Heritage units)

    27469 Standard-O cydlindical Hopper, 3 Bay, aluminum w/black and white coonskin

    "6464" Frisco orange boxcar. Black and white coonskin herald and "Ship it on the Frisco" slogan, car# 5477440. In M&StL 30155 freight set. Dealer set break-ups possible to obtain single car.

    Joe Toth
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    I recently got one of the Ten Wheelers. runs great and has spiffy sound.

    Realy a repainted NYC prototype, but the detail is very good. Quite heavy for a Frisco berrypicker--more like a 1100-class than a 700.
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    Re: Lionel manufactured quite a few Frisco items

    How can we omit the old #2245 Lionel "Texas Special" F3A-B set from 1954 or thereabouts? (I still have mine.) MTH offered a similar (but closer to scale) set in the early 1990s, thought that might have been marketed as an MKT set. There was also a switch engine (maybe an SW7) offered about that same time by Lionel. I do not remember the catalog number.

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    Re: Lionel manufactured quite a few Frisco items

    Ah, but the Lionel F-units all have the Katy shield in front, making them MKT owned, alas!
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    Re: Lionel manufactured quite a few Frisco items

    This year, Lionel has come out with a high-end Frisco engine, a new 4100-class Mike (4126, Stock # 6-181186). It is part of their USRA Heavy Mikado series. It SORTA-KINDA more closely reflects the prototype than their earlier 4100-class offering 15 years ago (which was a Southern Mike repaint), but neither one really reflects the fact that they were close cousins of the 1500s. They are offering it in the "Build-to-Order" category, which means they will only make as many as their dealers will pre-order. Expect it to be scarce, therefore. Loads of features including their Legacy CC and the popular whistle steam effect (when you blow the whistle, smoke is forced by fan through an aperture on the whistle); tres cool, but but it really adds to the $$$$. I eventually picked up the '90s 4100 for less than 1/3 its MSRP ($999.99); I don't know if that will happen with one of these (MSRP $1299.99).

    Also, there is an 86' Hi-Cube in yellow, a USRA double-sheathed boxcar (I am definitely gunning for one of these), and a continuation of the big, 3-bay hopper w/roller bearing (rotating bearings) trucks.
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    Sounds cool, and the limited production will certainly make it scarce to get in the future, I have the old Mikado from 15 years ago and like you I paid about 1/3rd of the retail from back then, they seem to be readily available for sale so they must have made quite a few. Just bought it 2 or 3 years ago. My kids love running it but they don't care for the primitive sound system in it ! LOL I like the Lionel trains, they may not be accurate to scale but they are fun to run and not so small like N or HO. We just run trains for fun, not to be an accurate model of real operations. Great stuff !
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    Here are a few more Lionel Frisco steam engine to add to this list as of Dec 2022.
    Frisco LEGACY 0-6-0 #3801 Most Recent Catalog: 2022 Big Book.
    Frisco LEGACY USRA Light Mountain Mikado #1501 Most Recent Catalog: 2018 Volume 2. BTO.
    Frisco LEGACY USRA Light 2-8-2 #4003 Most Recent Catalog: 2020 Volume 2.
    Frisco LEGACY 4-8-4 #4524 Most Recent Catalog: 2019 Volume 2. BTO
    Frisco LEGACY 4-8-4 #4500 Most Recent Catalog: 2019 Volume 2. BTO. This one I found out about after they had already closed the orders.

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    My buddy has the 1501. That engine irks me: I pestered Lionel for it (or the 1522, or, better, both), but i won't buy it because it ain't right. I know Lionel takes liberties. Were it any other engine, i wouldn't care, but 1501 is my hometown engine and my personal favorite( right behind 1522). If I am going to spend that much moolah on an engine, it will be right in shape and general details (I can live without the niggly stuff, but the outline and tender need to be close).

    Now, OTOH hand, that same casting is used for a MoPac Lt Mike, and it, of course, is REAL close to right. And there are 6 cars of Sunshine special you can (could) get along with it. All very good, except for the total price of over $3000. I'd sell almost every O near-scale piece I have except that they wouldn't bring that much in total on the used market. *sigh*
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    Pardon my self-quoting, but Grzyboskis's currently has two of the Sunshine special 2-packs on sale for @ $250 ea. Dratted responsibilities. . . .
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    Yes, I know, which is why I quoted my earlier post noting the distinction. I thought I would put in the heads up for folks who appreciate and model both, as I do. Sorry for the confusion.

    Steve Allen
    Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO
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    Seeing all these great look Lionel products makes me wish I had a basement.
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    I can't add anything to Lionel's "Frisco" content, but your statement caught my attention.

    I am an overthinking "life planner" type. I've wondered what I will do if/when the time comes that I simply cannot manage HO anymore.

    My thinking at this point would be, while I'm still physically able, dismantle and remove the existing layout and throw in a very simplistic 2' x 8' pieces of plywood on L brackets around the room set at a good viewing height from a seated position, and thereon throw together a 3 rail layout. I would use Postwar type trains. (Tough, simplistic, minimal mechanical issues.) Unless I've had a catastrophic health incident of some type, remaining dexterity should be sufficient to place such trains on the rail, the track is robust and easily worked with, there would be no exacting modeling needed. I could then enjoy miniature trains running about until it was time to pitch in the towel and give it all away to anyone that would be interested.

    Always have a plan.

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