Leflore Depot

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  1. Frisco depot from Le Flore, Oklahoma is now owned by and at the Oklahoma Railway Museum and currently under restoration.
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  2. Peddling Joe

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    Hurrah! It must have been a challenging move and now comes the restoration phase. Looking forward to pictures, etc.
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    I first laid eyes on that depot off in the field at Leflore back in 1979 (I think.) Was in the process of following the tri-weekly southbound freight (loosely called "the Southman" by the Frisco crews) and had made a stop at Leflore. It was within eye shot of the rails. Over the decades since, I've seen it a few times. Of course, each time it was further deteriorated.

    Cool that it's going to be restored. Never mind it's like the "same" axe that's had the head replaced twice and the handle four times!

    Looks like you all are doing a good job.

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    When working as a volunteer, with other volunteers, being extremely considerate of them and their opinions is a very healthy practice. One must learn to be a good diplomat or one might end up being the sole volunteer.
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