leased or run-through RS2 , RS3 or RSD units on the Frisco ?

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    I know about the five RS2s which were EMD repowers, but I'm wondering if the Frisco ever leased or had run-throughs which would have utilised RS or RSD units in the 60s or 70s? I'm aware that they occasionally leased shortline motive power.

    cheers, Ben S.
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  2. Karl

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    I do not not believe that the Frisco used foreign road, ALCO road switchers on any its run-through trains, nor am I aware of any leased motive power from any shoreline railroad.
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    Ben, from discussions I have heard by railfans much older than me, the general reliability of the Alcos probably would have kept them on home roads; also the Frisco would not have been interested in dealing with equipment that they no longer used or maintained, especially in the 70's.
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    Thank you gentlemen.

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