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    Hello all,

    On one of the Frisco Facebook groups, there was a post today of part of an article on the lead belt. The article includes a picture of an inspection train which was apparently run as part of the opening ceremonies for the
    Lead Belt on Thursday, September 28, 1967. The article indicates the train came from St. Louis Union Station.

    What is most interesting to me is that the train appears to have 3 dome cars in the consist, but the only clearly identifiable car is the business car on the rear.

    My guess on the consist is
    2 GP7s ( the rear one looks like it has a boiler, but they both might )
    A Lightweight Frisco Coach
    2 Budd built short domes
    A Lightweight frisco dinning or lounge car ( there is an antenna on the roof, so I think it has to be one of 1550,1551,1650,1651,1652).
    a full length dome
    Frisco business car #1.

    Now the question, does anyone have either good photos of this train or a consist listing for it?
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    By the way, the article appears to be from the St. Joe Headframe, which appears to be a company magazine for the mining company.
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    And here is the clip that includes the picture.

    Frisco Lead Belt Inspection Train.png
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  6. Paul, thanks for posting this.
    If you have any other Leadline pictures, I think that Jesse Henry and Pat Moreland
    would like to see those to. All three of us like the Leadline, the Salem Branch
    and the Sligo Furnace S&E railways in that part of the Ozarks.
    Very nice! (y) Charlie

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