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    I have posted an album of layout photos. 30 inch shelf, 13 feet long, 46 in. from concrete floor of an unheated, uninsulated garage. Benchwork was pieced together from scrap wood. Nickel silver Atlas Customline track components laid directly on plywood with ballast. DC common rail wiring with MRC walkaround control, 13 blocks and 14 powered turnouts. Industrial theme set around 1958-60 in SW Missouri.
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    George, you have done an excellent job on your layout. I particularly like the fuel depot with the F unit. The scenery is great and your choice of buildings really fits the available space. Keep up the good work and post more photos when you get the chance. Do you have plans to expand the layout or are you going to add more details to what you have.

    I have just one suggestion, before you install roadbed and track install a layer of blue 1/2 inch of insulation foam and a layer of pink 3/4 inch foam. This will allow you to carve elevation changes to the area below track level. A small stream or a ditch can be modeled in that area because a 1 1/4 inch thickness equals a little over 9 feet in height in HO scale and almost 17 feet in N scale. You will be very pleased with the appearance, it makes your track and scenery stand out. Additional height can be added by stacking more foam to the base. The insulation foam is really easy to carve, I use a keyhole saw and a rasp file on my layout. Below is a photo of my "N Scale Shelf Layout" showing the elevation changes.


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    (Do you have plans to expand the layout or are you going to add more details to what you have.)

    Many thanks, Joe, for your kind remarks. Have sworn to finish this section first, to the last blade of grass. I do have ideas for expansion, and like your photo. Your suggestion is a good one, worth trying.
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    Very impressive switching layout. Your stock pen/slaughter house models look like they belong there. One question - why no runaround? Do you operate with two engines? Doug
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    Doug - Sorry for the late reply. There is a runaround. See the track plan image. - George

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