Last train out of Clinton

Discussion in 'Clinton Subdivision' started by RogerRT, Aug 2, 2018.

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    While rummaging thru some boxes looking for a letter pertaining to the Dodson-East Lynne, MO. abandonment I found this piece regarding the last train out of Clinton...It was posted on Mike Good's website in 2002 but for some reason he took it down rather quickly, fortunately I made a copy...Roger

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  2. yardmaster

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    Roger, very glad you managed a copy.

    Found the consist interesting. Picher, OK was still enough of a going concern to receive a boxcar of household goods.

    One question: the article mentions one "freepointer" in the consist. Railroad term,? Or, is this another instance discussed in another thread where reporters use incorrect or nondescriptive terms of their own?
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  3. William Jackson

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    Never have heard "free pointer" on any rail line I've worked with. Interesting I will be tuning in.
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    Very nicely written article, but sad for sure!
    So much history lost on so many fronts everywhere in the name of progress.
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    Does anyone have a copy of the ICC abandonment documents for either Bolivar-East Lynne, or for Dodson-East Lynne? I have been unable to find them.

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