Knobview, Mo (Rosati, Mo)

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    From Richard Crabtree on the Frisco Rails Across Missouri Facebook group:
    Here we are in Knobview, Missouri aka Rosati, Missouri; this little town has had three depots.
    Knobview/Rosati is located just four miles east of St. James, Missouri originally settled in 1845. The community was first called Knobview, for three high hills overlooking the area from the south.

    The first store was built by Thomas Kinsey, Jr., the first resident of the area. In the summer of 1860, the Pacific Railroad, S. W. Branch aka Frisco R.R. arrived at Knobview and the general store became known as Kinsey’s Station, which also had a post office which would later close in 1898. Over the years, the Frisco R.R. would sell land along its lines. In 1898 a number of Italian immigrants arrived. They built houses, two stores, a saloon, a canning plant, a new post office, a school, and a church.
    These first Italian immigrants also attempted to plant grape varieties from Italy, but after having no success, they grew Concord grapes, used in juice, which became the predominant variety for many decades.
    In 1906, the St. Anthony Catholic Church was built, which continues to stand today. In 1934, the town was renamed after the first bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis, the Italian-born Joseph Rosati.
    To learn more about Knobview & Rosati, Missouri and its Italian Immigrants.
    click here:
    Photo 1) The first Frisco Depot at Knobview, Missouri built prior to 1918 ~ circa 1900. Pictured are L-R R. M. Cardetti, unknown and A. M. Piazza and the Knobview Canning Company in the background.
    Photo 2) Phelps County, Missouri 1904 Plat Map
    Photo 3) The second Frisco Depot in Knobview, Missouri built in 1918 and destroyed by tornado in 1926. Photo taken during 1925 Ice storm.
    Photo 4) The third Frisco Depot in Knobview, Missouri built in 1926 circa late 1920s. The road parallel to the Frisco tracks is now Route KK.
    Photo 5) Knobview Depot ca 1900.jpg Knobview - Phelps County map.jpg Knobview Depot ca 1925.jpg Knobview Depot ca 1926 Route KK.jpg Knobview  Mo - aka Rosati Mo.jpg Frisco Steam Locomotive going through Knobview, Mo, aka Rosati, Missouri after an Ice storm in 1925. I believe that is St. Anthonys Catholic Church in the background.

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