Kitty Clover Potato Chip Company

Discussion in 'Freight Operations' started by pbender, Mar 30, 2023.

  1. pbender

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    So I am reading through a Morning Sun color guide on Burlington Freight and Passenger equipment.

    in the section on reefers, there is a photo of one car labeled as being in Springfield, MO and destined for the Kitty Clover Potato Chip Company. The photo is dated January 1976. Also, the photo includes a bridge that looks a lot like the road bridge over the south yard in Springfield, so the location very well may be correct…

    Now, assuming the location is correct, the question: Does anyone know where the Kitty Clover Potato Chip company was? I don’t recall seeing it on industry diagrams…. If it really was located in Springfield, could it have been served by the MoPac?

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  2. Karl

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    As I recall, the Frisco’s Clinton Sub served the Kansas City Kitty Clover facility. I could swear that there is an industry schematic that shows it.
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  3. Coonskin

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    "Kitty Clover" potato chips.

    Wow, that's a name I haven't heard/read in a LONG time. I definitely remember their product as a lad in KC in the 1950s/1960s. I think I recall a green stripped w/and translucent yellow bag?

    You guys are a hoot,.
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  4. pbender

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    hmmm… it must be in that set of industry schematics that shows the first 11 miles… I will have to find that….
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  5. pbender

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    ok, I found it

    Coburg Industrial district, industry 675 with 3 spots ( one of which was set up to receive tank cars ).

    Thanks Karl for pointing me in the right direction,
  6. tferk

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    Kitty Clover bought out the original Denton Potato Chip Co. at 1938 S Campbell in Springfield in the late 1950's. Perhaps the car was destined to a local team track.

    Kitty Clover started in Omaha, was purchased by the Lippold family, and then some Lippold cousins opened the Kansas City factories, first on Martha Street, later the second factory opened in the Blue Valley Industrial District on Clary Blvd, served by Frisco. The Kansas City company was re-branded Clary House and operated by the Lippold cousins until bankruptcy in 1980. Since the KC company had rights to sell in western MO and AR, I am guessing perhaps it was them that purchased the Springfield plant.

    (I did a deep dive into Kitty Clover/Clary House when researching the original companies served by Frisco's Coburg/Grandview line.)

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  7. pbender

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    oh, that was a good guess…

    there is a list of firms at common points here:

    Part 3 includes the Springfield industries, and Kitty Clover is indeed listed as being served via team track.

    I don’t know which team track however…

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  8. pbender

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    Interesting, the List of firms shows the Kansas City operation as a Manufacturer of Potato Chips, but the Springfield operation is listed as dealing with Food Products…. Neither description is wrong, but I am curious about the distinction…..

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    I wonder if the guy who won the boat induced Miss Marlin to go for a ride.

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