Kirkwood, MO Frisco Depot - Location

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    Glad I didn't spend the money.
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    It is interesting to see how close together these stops are to each other. To add one more, I thought that I saw a stop named Rose Hill, but can't locate the source right now. If it was also on this FRISCO line, would it have been at Rose Hill and Filmore?
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    No Frisco stop at Rose Hill, at least not in June, 1931.

    But not so for the MoP. Rose Hill was the next stop after Kirkwood, heading west, at mp 14.0 (Kirkwood is mp 13.5). Only one of the MoP's eleven commuter trains stopped there, though.

    There was indeed MoP commuter service between StLUS and Creve Coeur - two trains daily except Sunday. 15 stops, several of them only a minute or two apart.

    No Frisco commuter trains between StLUS down the River Division, at least not in June, 1931. Only regular trains 805 & 807 (west) and 806 & 808 (east), but 807 and 808 stopped 27 times between StLUS and Chaffee. 805 and 806 were more deluxe! - only six stops to Chaffee.

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    The Rose Hill and Fillmore intersection seems logical for a suburban train stop on the Frisco through Kirkwood, except the South Kirkwood and Fairlawn stations would make it redundant. These two were quite close along the tracks in either direction.

    If the MoP Rose Hill stop was 0.5 west of the Kirkwood station, that would place it near the Geyer Road crossing. There is room for something like a station or platform along the tracks on either side of Geyer Road.

    Some more "historical society-" or library-diving is in order.
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    WS - Name the day, I'll join you!

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    If you can make it a Wednesday afternoon, I can join ya. I volunteer at the Kirkwood Station on Wednesday mornings.

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    Coming in late here . . . but according to the blueprints in the Missouri State digital collections, the first floor Kirkwood station was "reduced in size and move across track". This is handwritten in red ink.

    Also, the plans for the second story are Xed out in red ink, again handwritten.

    I interpret this to mean that the top floor was removed entirely, and the first floor was reduced in size and moved.

    So the photo here might indeed be PART of the original Kirkwood station--the reduced size first floor.

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    This is very nice to see. Not a photo, but easy enough for a mental construction of the building. Remember, this two-story station burned around 1930 and the building from Anaconda, MO was brought to Kirkwood to replace it. The Anaconda building was on the north side of the track until 1949, then it moved to the south side.
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    I do remember a Kirkwood station for Frisco, Dad drove there one time, just a small building and nothing like MoPac Kirkwood Station. It is still there, bought by city and used by model RR club, I remember Dad taking me there to see the trains, they had one section in the station, now they are much larger, as they occupy the whole station. Frisco Webster Groves station was much nicer and larger. I have never seen the Meramec Highlands station that is now a private residence. Wanting to find out more about it led me back here after being absent for a few years . I did hear later that old Kirkwood Station was torn down after Frisco stopped running passenger trains. Mom used to ride the commuter train to work downtown at General Office, There was a Lindenwood station close to her house, I have seen a picture of it, a stone building, The commuter stopped running sometime in the 30's, MP kept theirs running until 60's
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    I found out to put up an avatar too, this bridge is still used by BNSF on the old Frisco River Division going south. It is on National Register and has to be maintained and repainted. Always enjoy seeing it, not far from my house. I live close enough to Lindenwood Yard that Dad always walked to work, only a few blocks.
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  11. 7B35E7AA-2CB2-4F59-9F99-FA226B5BAE2C.jpeg Windsor Spring Station in Kirkwood, Mo
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  12. Frisco Kirkwood, Mo Station until 1930. upload_2022-2-11_15-6-3.png
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    Tell the dimwits not to foul the track!

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