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Discussion in 'Structures' started by wpmoreland719, Apr 30, 2010.

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    My buddy Frank Joyce found these new background buildings manufactured by a company called Kingmill. They are made from a cardstock-like material. He drove down today from Kirkwood and brought a few of these and we propped them up on my layout in a few spots. For a more permanent setting, they are supposed to glue to a supportive piece such as insulation foam. $6.00 buys a large "building" or a couple of smaller ones.

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  2. TAG1014

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    Great idea! Are they only HO? Or available in other scales? Where can they be purchased?

    Thanks, Tom
  3. wpmoreland719

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    I just checked their website ( and they're available in HO and N. They're called "Radical Flats". Frank ordered his directly off their website. And a correction to how they're to be applied: Don't use white glue. Use a spray adhesive such as the one made by 3M.
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    Thanks--I was also looking at the website and it appears you can buy as many or few of the related flats as you need for a layout. I can imagine two or more people could purchase several pieces cooperatively.


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