Kiefer collision with house on crossing

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    I am looking for information involving a southbound Frisco freight train that hit, rather demolished, a house being moved across the tracks in Kiefer, Oklahoma in the mid to late 1960s, possibly early 70s. I witnessed the aftermath. The house mover was operating without a permit. A man was sitting atop the house to move electrical and telephone wires. They said he scampered down in record time. Although the train was travelling at a reduced speed it still reduced the home to toothpicks and bent the I-beams under the house in half. The engineer called in and told dispatch, "You ain't going to believe this but I just ran through a house." There were no injuries, however two or three engines derailed. It was quite a sight.
    I would like any information, photographs, and to know if there are any other witnesses in this group. The incident was covered in the Sapulpa Herald.
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    Yea that's sumthin you don't see everyday.
    Hope that mover had insurance. That particular move cost them some $$$
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    LOL -- Would love to have seen the look on the dispatcher's face!
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    Not bloody likely. :) I can't imagine any reasonably prudent underwriter who hopes to keep his or her insurer solvent touching that risk with a ten-foot pole.

    The engineer mustv'e thought he was hallucinating before realizing it really was a house.
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