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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by railroadpete, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. railroadpete

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    Anyone here have any ideas on these? I have a Life-Like 0-8-0 in Mopac I would like to redo into Kansas City Terminal RR since Mopac, Frisco, or Katy never had any of these. If not KCT, any other ideas for any roads that had 0-8-0's around western Missouri?

    Thanks y'all!
  2. gstout

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  3. Sirfoldalot

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    KCS had 0-8-0 type
    I think the Heartlands museum in Corona has one?
  4. mvtelegrapher

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    We have a KCS 0-8-0 that was rebuilt from a 2-8-0 so not sure if it looks like the Life Like model. We have pictures of it on our website, www.heartlandstrainclub.org. It was used in Kansas City for many years.

    John Chambers
    Heart of the Heartlands
  5. meteor910

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    MoP used 0-8-0's. I remember they used them at Dupo across the river from StL. Don't know if they were USRA's or not, but I'll bet they were at least close to the P2K model.

  6. railroadpete

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    Thanks for the good info all!


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