Kansas City Terminal Union Station Timetable from1943

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  1. Here is a timetable issued by Kansas City Terminal showing all passenger trains arriving and departing each 24 hours. Frisco's 5 trains was relatively small but there were lesser ones.
    KCUS-No-436-1 (TO).jpg KCUS-No-436-2 (TO).jpg KCUS-No-436-3 (TO).jpg

    The first two were one side and the third is the back.
    Wouldn't you love to be able go back and spend a day and night trackside?
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    This is a dandy - I'm especially intrigued by Trains 103/104, "Springfield Express."

    I didn't think I'd heard of such a train. The 1940 Northern Division posted by Karl:

    Northern Division ETT 31E, October 6, 1940

    shows a "Local Passenger" 103 and 104 operating between Ft. Scott and Springfield, but I don't see it operating on the KC Sub? Either it didn't operate north of Ft. Scott in 1940, or I'm overlooking something that will be obvious to others. My money's on the latter. :)

    You said it, brother.

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