Kadee HO Frisco PS-2 SLSF 84009 Mint in box

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    Anybody want a Frisco bargain?
    Here is one - a Kadee HO 2-bay Pullman Standard PS-2 covered hopper, class LO, done expertly as SLSF 84009, from the class SLSF 84000-84099, built 12/58. Used system-wide for cement and silica sand shipping, but used also for a number of other dry material and chemical ladings. This Kadee model is without question the best done model of the 2-bay PS-2, and is decorated perfectly. It models the correct eight 30-inch circular notched hatch covers, and four bottom discharge gates. The car is done in the correct alkali gray color, with black lettering. It has ASF A-3 "Ride Control" trucks, a Frisco favorite. The list cost from Kadee was $40.95, and it sold out at Kadee on August 30, 2010. See the pic. Has correct brake wheel and other details, Kadee couplers, brake line hoses, and Kadee metal wheelsets in Kadee trucks. This model, one of three SLSF numbers done by Kadee for this series car, is new, mint, in its unopened box.

    kadee 8030 slsf lo.jpg

    Price is $26.00 (less than 64% of the original cost), plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail ($7.00), for a total of $33.00.
    Payment by PayPal "friends & family", or by good personal check, or by USPS money order. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail.
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