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    There was a question about the Frisco K96 overpass. I was able to locate some photographs that I took several years ago. Unfortunately, I do a rather poor job of recording dates. These were taken after BN stopped service and I do remember taking these in either Jan., Feb., or March. Perhaps John Chambers can get close to the date although really not that important. Old K96 highway is now bypassed by US400. Beautiful art deco example. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, TX

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  2. meteor910

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    They don't build underpasses like that anymore. Too bad!

    The I-270 underpass here in StL under the SLSF (now BNSF) close to the former Meramec Highlands/Osage Hills depot at least says "Frisco Ry" on the abutments! It was built around 1969 or 1970 as I recall.

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    Ken--Is there still a big "Ship It On The Frisco" sign on the high overpass on the SW side of town coming into St. Louis? I forget the street, but I think it's Chippewa--I'm confused on the highway numbers. It was still in exixtance about '92.

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    Walthers has an HO and N scale deco underpass that might be modified to at least get the feel of this bridge.

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    4301--Is there any cornerstone or construction date on the K96 bridge?

    Thanks, Tom
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    Tom, not that I recall.
  7. meteor910

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    Tom -

    Yes, the "Ship it" message was stilll there the last time I was down that way - on the River Division overpass over Watson Road/Chippewa, old highway US66, now 366.

    There are two others, at least, that are still readable - but you gotta hurry! The west end of Lindenwood Yard overpass over Wabash Ave, and the River Division overpass over Lansdown Ave. I think all three are in the village of Shrewsbury Mo. They must have had some neat zoning laws for railroad bridges when these guys were built! The Lansdown bridge has two different coonskin styles visible if you look closely.

    I'll try to remember to take some pics the next time I am down that way. Might be another good project for Windsor Springs and me!

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    Please do snap some pictures of those if you have a chance--The Chippewa bridge is a classic!

  9. meteor910

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    Will do. It's now on my "to do" list.

  10. mark

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    Recommed you view the post for "St Louis Union Station" concerning the bridges in Shrewsbury, MO.

    I had added a reply concerning these "must see" bridges when visiting St. Louis. I had discovered a new tool with modeling applications on Google Maps.

    See the links below for the bridges mentioned in the links above. While playing with the satellite maps, they show addresses as you zoom in, I entered the street addresses, went to the "street view" image and changed (played with) the direction of the view. You can even move up and down the street.

    Please wait a few seconds for the images to fully download. It will tale a few seconds, first you will see the overhead satellite map, then the "street view".

    Once the download is complete you can change the view. See a full screen image by selecting the "<<" button just above the left corner of the image. Return to the original view with the ">>" button.

    Navigate or move up and down the street with the arrows on the yellow street line (hover over the image). In the upper left are left and right arrows to rotate the horizontal axis of the image and arrows to shift to "look" up and down. You can also use the outer ring to rotate the "N" (north) direction view. The "+" and "-" permit some zoom capability. However, it has limited capability and quickly deteriorates the image quality.

    This will not replace well lighted, good quality photographs but will work in a pinch if the mapping unit has been in the area and the structures still stand.

    "Get It Going Frisco" bridge
    7235 Lansdowne Avenue, Shrewsbury, MO


    Look closely and you can see the old lettering showing under the new. The old lettering advertised "Shortest Line to Memphis - Birmingham - Pensacola" flanked by 2 "Frisco Lines" coonskins. At the time the bridge was black with white lettering. A photograph of this bridge with the old lettering is in Trackside Around St. Louis 1952-1959 with Jim Ozment, by James Sandrin, Morning Sun Books, 2000, page 92.

    "Ship It On The Frisco" bridge
    7390 Watson Road, Shrewsbury, MO


    Need some under bridge detail, just look up (using arrows) and rotate as needed.


    While in the area check out another St. Louis landmark - Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. Just the cool treat a hungry railfan needs while checking out The Frisco. They have been in St. Louis since 1931 and this location since 1941. The address is 6726 Chippewa Street (south side). They even have a concrete called "Frisco".

    From the "Ship It On the Frisco" bridge go east (street runs northeast) on Watson Road. As it nears its crossing of the River Des Peres the same street becomes Chippewa Street. It is a short trip of about a mile and Ted's is on the right side.

    Hope this helps!


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  11. meteor910

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    Mark -

    Thanks. I remember those postings.

    I still want to get some good digital pics of the Frisco bridges as they are today. I need to figure out how to do that without getting run over!

    Amen on Ted Drewes. His concretes are the greatest!

  12. pensive

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    A few years ago I posted some photos of both the Watson Rd. and Lansdowne Ave. bridges on this site. They both look the same today as they did then as I go by there often. Here's the links:

    Watson Rd: http://www.frisco.org/vb/showthread.php?t=1553

    Lansdowne Ave: http://www.frisco.org/vb/showthread.php?t=1467

    I also took some of the Wabash Ave. bridge but the lettering had faded almost to nothing plus the graffiti people had gotten to it, so it didn't seem worthwhile to post them.

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  13. meteor910

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    Rich - Works for me! Thanks.

  14. WindsorSpring

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    I am sure this is what you mean about fading and graffiti.

    This picture of the Wabash Avenue bridge on the west end of Lindenwood Yard was taken March 15, 2009. The quality of the companion picture from the south side of the bridge is not that good. It is a good idea to go back and try again from further back with some morning light.


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  15. meteor910

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    George - For good measure, we ought to get a pic of the I-270 SLSF bridge abutments as well. Nothing like being complete! :cool:

  16. TAG1014

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    Info Walthers' Website...

    FYI Everybody--Walthers' website shows their deco underpass kit ON SALE! This underpass is very reminisient of the Frisco Underpass on highway K-96 near Beaumont, KS. HO version #933-3190, N scale # 933-3800 prices are HO: $15.98. N: $10.98. I plan to alter my kit to a loose "rendition" of the K-96 bridge. Sort of "Frisco-ize" it.

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  17. TAG1014

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    Here's a photo of Walthers Cornerstone Deco Underpass--I think it would look great with "Frisco Lines" engraved in the walls. Picture from Walthers' website.


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  18. Bruce Adams

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    I'm so pleased to see your photos of this bridge. I think you color turned out better than in my pics.
  19. mark

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    Please see the following link for a photograph of the west side of the underpass bridge from old Kansas Highway 96.


    The bridge is on the north side of the current Kansas Highway 96 (a/k/a US Highway 400 or Southeast 110th Street). The railroad used to cross on a diagonal from northwest to southeast over the old alignment and then under the new highway alignment immediately to the south. In the photograph a guardrail for the new highway can bee seen on the right between the trees. Cross streets include Southeast gray Road to the east and Southeast Flinthills Road to the west.

    The bridge is on the Frisco's Wichita Subdivision between the railroad stations of Beaumont, KS, mile post 458.5, to the east and Keigley, mile post 464.9, to the west. The closest larger city is El Dorado, KS with interstate access from I-35 (a/k/a the Kansas Turnpike).

    For a map reference, please see http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&sou....665359,-96.607161&spn=0.004663,0.008068&z=17

    Hope this helps.


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  20. TAG1014

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    The K-96 deco underpass is THE classic Frisco underpass! If I were a better scratch builder, I'd design a model layout it around it!
    The picture attached is the Walthers' Deco Underpass kit (In both HO and N). I'm going to use the Walthers' kit and "Frisco-ize" it with a "Ship it" or "coonskin" sign It will be a fantasy model on my fantasy "Frisco Southwest" layout (Still in the "armchair" stages).:)


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