K&L Frisco USRA Mikado

Discussion in 'Virtual (V) Scale' started by Turky44, Jan 3, 2020.

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    Wonder if that would load on my Trainz Simulator ? Excellent graphics!
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    It should work if you pick the right version. Two versions are offered, one for TS12 SP1, TANE and Mac and the other for TS 2009, TS 2010, and TS12 pre Sp-1. These are very nice ones for TRAINZ and it is great to see the Frisco USRA Mikado among the offerings.

    Well, it looked too good to pass up, so I bought it. Review to follow.
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    what Trainz version do have?
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    It worked well in TS12 and TANE. Two locomotives were offered; One had a red cab roof and the other was black. Both versions looked great. A Frisco wood caboose is included with an interior that allows views while running. Locomotive numbers are randomly assigned from the range in the class when the locomotive is placed in the simulation. It is possible they may be user-specified. Two screen shots are from a run in TANE.

    TS12 complained a bit about some of the included dependencies not being having the right "Trainzbuild." They were 2.4 and needed to be 2.9 minimum. A simple edit fixed this straight away and everything worked well. TANE accepted everything right away with no "complaints."

    4010 Northbound.jpg Caboose view.jpg

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    what route did you use for the pic above?
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    The route was a "home-brew" built with 3 meter data using TransDEM of an area in the Allegheny Mountains north of Pittsburgh, PA. Story way too long for here. However, 1 m NED data is finally available for Crawford, Phelps, Pulaski and Laclede Counties.....
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    The view from the caboose cupola reminds me of riding the cupola of Southern caboose X90 between Huntsville and Sheffield Alabama behind former Frisco 2-8-0 #77 on a ferry run in the fall of 1971. Oh to have those days back again.

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