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    Interchanges - 1907

    From the February, 1907 "Official List of Officers, Stations, Agents, Etc. of St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Co."
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    Junctions and Points of Connections - 1907

    This list perhaps would be better under the Operations thread.

    Hopefully I removed all the typos. I am not totally satisfied on the web appearance of this document so I have added the source Excel spreadsheet as an attachment at the end.

    From the February, 1907 "Official List of Officers, Stations, Agents, Etc. of St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Co."

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    I remember in Springfield at Mk (chadwick) junction MP also connected with the Frisco. They had a switches there so they could exchange cars. Course that is all gone now.
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    Re: Interchanges - 1907

    You could say the Southeastern Jct was a connection with the Terminal RR Assn of St Louis's Belt line.
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    Does Art still post? I had a question about the interchange in Horine Mo on the River Division.
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    Pat -
    First, I've not seen anything from Art Marsh in ages. He provided me with some oil tank drawings ages ago, and I've not been able to contact him since then.

    I'm not sure there was an interchange at Horine. At least there's nothing I can find in Art's spreadsheet. I also have checked some old timetables with no luck.

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    You can see it on the USGS quad which is why I'm asking.
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    You might check some old official guides as they have interchanges listed in the back. Any open interchange had to be filed with the ICC so rates, tariffs and routings can be calculated. Today we have to file a rule 260 junction form when adding or subtracting interchanges.

    John Chambers
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    Thar she blows! :eek: I should looked more carefully before judging. There's definitely a connection between the SL-SF and MoP.

    The 1940 Official Register of Railway Equipment listings for the Frisco do, indeed, list Horine as an interchange with the Missouri Pacific (see FMIG Newsletter #26, page 28 -

    It seems odd that there would not be something in either the employee timetables or in the "Official List of Stations, Agents, etc." as posted above in this thread. Any thoughts from other folk?

    I do have a 1925 copy that I'll have to review and see what it shows.
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    Third time is a charm! I keep having issues postin.

    Here is the only image I could find online, and it's on the Mopac side:


    The other odd thing from the quad is the short siding north of Joachim creek.


    After I posted this I finally found my file. The list of stations lists it: http://

    The siding also shows up on the track chart from 1979. I can't find that anywhere on this site to link though.
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