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  1. chris

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    Here is a link to an undated postcard print of the Scott County Milling Company in Sikeston, MO. From the drawing of the elevator, I believe this is what I knew as the "Gristo Feeds" elevator at the Frisco-MoPac diamond.

    If anyone can confirm or deny this either way, feel free to add to the conversation!

    Scott Co. Milling Co.
  2. dwain

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    I thought the building at the SL-SF/MP diamond was a cotton gin. It has been a long time since I was there so I am probably wrong. If I am right the capacity would be in bales not bushels. Also seems like a small capacity. Thanks, Dwain.
  3. chris

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    There may have been; I remember the elevator complex that I think is the one in the link below. It was on the NE side of the diamond; there could have very well been a cotton gin on the NW side or others.

    I do know that the Sikeston Cotton Oil Mill was a few miles east on the N side of the MoPac line.
  4. hugh m bean

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    Scott County Milling AKA Gristo Feeds was located on the NE corner of the Frisco/MOP intersection in Sikeston. The post card looks accurate, but I only remember the grain towers, not the two buildings or the smoke stack. I was on the Chaffee-Hayti local and we were pulling some cars from the elevator northbound onto the Main line. The engineer was concerned with the street crossing before the main line (very dangerous) and couldn't see us (the breakmen) giving him the "big hole" as cars were flying left and right in the elevator. It was later discovered that someone had thrown a switch under a hopper car that was straddling the MOP branch. Investigation time...

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