Industries between Joplin & Fort Smith

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    I am planning a layout, freelanced, that will follow the Frisco from Springdale down to Van BUren. The layout is at least a year or two away, but I am building some dioramas, frt cars, and vehicles. I am modeling 1949. I am needing to letter some trucks for industries along the line. For 1949, the trucks will already be old, see construction photos attached. Any suggestions for industries that would be fit the time and geography would be appreciated. Also, obviously, any pointers you can give me on lettering information would be helpfull. I am currently planning a trip to Pittsburg, KS to research Kellso Grain for one of my trucks. I have about six trucks in various stages of constructions, so I need several suggestions. Thanks

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    Kent, welcome to the forum and welcome to the Frisco family in Kansas City.

    Regarding your request for industries on the Central Division, Fort Smith Sub, spend a little time poking around in this forum:
    Post a request there; quite a few people here are knowlegeable in what you are looking for.

    Regarding lettering/fonts appropriate for 1949 or prior, I am lacking in expertise there.
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    Nice truck models and VERY Nice Blog.:cool:
    Love your older stuff.:)

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