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  1. slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018)

    slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018) Engineer Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter


    Does anyone have a roster or know where I can find a roster of HW passenger cars that where painted Red and Silver for Texas Special and Meteor service(?).

    Jerome Lutzenberger
  2. kenmc

    kenmc KenMc Frisco.org Supporter

    One of the early FMIG newsletters many years ago had an official Frisco reprint of just such a listing, along with their streamlined cars. I will try to locate it so that you can know the particular newsletter. Perhaps Doug Hughes or someone else who knows how to do it can publish it in this forum.

    Ken McElreath
  3. meteor910

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    The Frisco Museum (RIP!) published a roster booklet of "Red & Gray Heavyweight Passenger Equipment" several years ago. I bought one during a visit to Springfield and have it around here somewhere. I'll look for it and get back with what I find. |-|

  4. kenmc

    kenmc KenMc Frisco.org Supporter

    The FMIG Newsletter of about June 1981 has the official Frisco detailed passenger car roster dated November 1956, courtesy of Arthur Johnson. It gives the description and normal train assignments of all Frisco passenger cars (except those leased to the Pullman pool, which are not included.) It also lists all extra passenger equipment as of that date. The heavyweight cars painted red and silver were the following, including a few MKT cars as well.

    Baggage 371, 430, 431, 432, 437 and MKT 2651, assigned by number to trains 1-2, 3-4, 9-10 and tributary routes

    RPO-baggage 109 and 208, assigned to trains 1-2

    Chair-lounge-buffet 1603 "Glendale," assigned to trains 107-108 between KC and Springfield

    Lounge Car MKT 496, assigned to trains 1-2

    Various sleeping cars of the Tower, Villa, University and College series, assigned to trains 3-4, 9-10, 105-106, 111-112 and tributary routes

    Ken McElreath
  5. slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018)

    slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018) Engineer Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Thanks for the information Ken.

  6. treefrog

    treefrog Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Have seen an example of the blue heavyweights but were red and silver close in style or did roof remain black perhaps because of compounds used? Have gathered a collection of assorted cars with a/c and not your straight manufactures collection and would like to do it right if can. Thanks for any help!

  7. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Frisco.org Supporter

    The various HW red and silver cars mentioned below originally had red roofs. They were all repainted back to Pullman green in the late 50's with black or gray roofs. Some of the r/s lightweights got black painted roofs in the 60's. All the red roofed (And other cars at times) had blackened roofs from engine exhausts.

  8. treefrog

    treefrog Member Frisco.org Supporter

    The roof made me wonder due to material and exhaust and I Thankl You Tom! I can deal with Pullman green and end up with a better set as my period of interest is Post Korea. I have enough lightweight red and blue to mix and match with REA box refers. Pleasant railroading and above all Stay warm,

  9. gstout

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    Regarding red and silver heavyweights, the TRRA Historical Society's recent edition the TEXAS SPECIAL contains information on heavyweights repainted for the "third" consist. Larry Thomas did an excellent job on this and is a must for the enthusiast's library.

    Greg Stout

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