Hoxie Sub, Pocahontas, AR Bridge

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  1. Pocahontas-Arkansas-Frisco-Railway-swing-bridge-Black-River

    The swing bridge allowed the steamboats to still operate,
    but not for long (a decade or two).
    Those upriver freight steamboats were from about 22' to 34' wide
    and 90" to 136' in length. Fully loaded their draft was ~ 18".
    If stuck up river and a serious drought happened, they just stayed,
    grew potatoes, hunted and gardened for their food.
    When a new season was wet again, then they had a full load
    of potatoes for their revenue. :) If they pickup some passengers,
    if to many, those had to sleep on the roof.

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    usgs map;
    Quadrangle map:


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